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ONLINE LEADERBOARD : http://cyber-ship.louis-denizet.fr/

/!\ You will die! /!\

The game is made for you to die and become stronger and stronger so don't give up too quick!

  • Controls :

With controller (highly recommended) :

A for Primary weapon

B for Secondary weapon

X for Bomb

Keyboard : arrows to move

Space for Primary weapon

A for Secondary weapon

 Z  for Bomb

  • About the game creation : 

Cyber Ships is a double jam attempt.

We made it with my girlfriend who did the graphics and myself, both amateur.

As we don't have much time this month, we wanted to make a game for cyberpunk game jam and roguelike challenge both at the same time.

You will be able to build your ships depending of the tactic you make for your run and optimise your ship in many ways depending of your game style.

There is 3 levels with mini boss and a final boss.

This is our first game of that kind and we hope you'll have much fun playing it.

We did it in around 5 days and we tried our best to balance the game.

Thanks A LOT to Shio-Z for being really nice allowing us to use their song in the game.

Starry Night, song by SHIO-Z composed by

Patrick Rizzi (www.facebook.com/Shiozed)

“What you should know :

Different ennemies have the same fire rate. If you see and time in your head (there’s a little random here to prevent it to be too easy!) you can time their attack to rush them and easily kill and retreat before their next shot!

Purples ennemies only first in the angle from where they come, they don’t shot directly at you so they have a lot of dead angles you can exploit to never get hit by them!

You should take time to analyze the pattern of mini boss and final boss to be better against them.

There is no attempt to story at any moment but the closer is that some planet is invaded by something and we fight that fight because we want to help our planet! Still a better story than…

Pro tips :

After testing many times the game I came up with some tactics to finish it and tips for those who want it !

1°) You should not try to finish the game at first. Your first goal is to farm up research points to upgrade your ships.

Ships and build to farm

Under 10 points : You will have to max attack 1 in most of case, reason is that attacks 2 rely on energy and you can’t afford to upgrade 2 bars with less than 10 points.

  • Boko can be a good first try. Max shield and attack 1 and you should be able to survive for a while but you can’t kill too many. You REALLY need at least 5 points in attack 1 to farm with it, no energy no attack 2
  • Kronos is really a good farming ship… it’s amazing how much sustain you got but you have to be really nervous, max attack 1, a bit of attack 2 if you wanna jump a bit more and a bit of energy if you wanna spam it.
  • Orbital’s is my choice under 10 points. Give him some shield to tank up, 3-4 on attack 1 and a bit of speed! You don’t need much points to do A LOT of damage but your key goal will be speed and timing. You’ll have to time ennemies’ attack to rush them and destroy them. If you have this timing in head it’s an amazing ship with tons of fun!

20+ Research points :

  • Boko gains a whole new dimension. You can now afford to upgrade a bit of energy (at least 4 or 5 if you want to have 0 in attack 1) and at least 5-6 in Attack 2. Then you’re free to upgrade shield or life depending of what you prefer. This is super good ship because you can kill ships from sides being under them so out of their range. You will need some speed to avoid shoots or really good timing. I prefer more damage but more timing. With this build you should do a massacre in ennemy lines.
  • Kronos is maybe the easiest ship with 20 + but he has A LOT of tactics inside! Indeed you can upgrade attack 1 really high and afford shield + life or speed as you want but where it becomes great is that you can chain teleport really far away and spam in the 4 corners, really nervous, really quick, many kills in sight!
  • Orbital : There’s 2 possibilities here, or you max attack 1 and your defense or your max completely attack 2 and energy. First one is so powerfull and so tanky but needs a lot of timing, you can’t afford any mistake. Second one is really safe, stay away and laser out everyone!!

2°) With this farm you should have at least since the middle of level 2!

Now to get to level 3 and get the boss you just have to…. keep your best ship and try to survive!

To get it really easily you will need to have at least 5 bombs I think. Orbital is really difficult against mini boss and final boss without laser. You can with many speed but so dangerous! Kronos is the easiest for mini boss and final boss and Boko’s attack 2 may do the job too, skill needed anyway!

Here you go, you’re ready to survive, maybe?

good luck guys =)”

Install instructions

Just unzip and launch .exe!

Easy to use! 


Cyber Ships.zip 54 MB